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Tapping to Lower Exam Nerves

Apr 10, 2022

Feeling nervous, tired and a bit too many exam vibes going on?

Tap along with this video to lower your anxiety and increase you confidence in your upcoming GCSE's, A'levels or IB.  

EFT has been shown anecdotally and in clinical trials to significantly lower cortisol levels.  Just what you need to prepare for your upcoming exams.


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Tapping to Overcome Exam Stress

Apr 10, 2022

Got a lot of exams coming up?

Whether it's GCSE's, A'levels or IB in this case, the stress of having lots of exams can be overwhelming.  I created this video for a student who had 4 exams the following day and was particularly worried abut Chinese and Literature GCSE's.

She not only did brilliantly, Chinese was her highest grade which was totally unexpected. 

You can tap along and just insert which exam you are doing instead of Chinese. 

It's a massive form of stress relief which is just what you need when it comes to exams.  A certain amount of stress will increase your concentration, improve reaction time and decision making speed and help you write continuously for the duration of the exam.

When you feel too much stress though it has a detrimental effect on your exam performance.  Your fight or flight response kicks in and blood flow is redirected from your brain, digestive system and hormonal system as it is literally preparing you for...

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