Overcome the Yips 

Discover how you can overcome the yips so you can play the game you love freely and easily again.

EFT is the most effective way to do this.

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EFT is an incredibly effective solution as it works on a physiological and emotional level much in the same way the yips work.


Let go of the physical symptoms that are stopping you from playing freely.


Address the thoughts and feelings that exacerbate the issue such as fear, anxiety and even embarrassment so they no longer take away the enjoyment.

Long Term

Uncover and address the root cause that's driving the yips to ensure they don't return.

The mistakes most people make are:

  • Spending money on new clubs 
  • Getting lessons to change their technique
  • Letting it pass

They may have some success with these as they can work for a while. Unfortunately though the yips come back as the underlying issues haven't been resolved.  Time and money has been spent on solutions that don't solve the problem.

What you can do instead:

  • Resolve the underlying issues
  • Learn a cutting edge tool that works on a physiological and emotional level

  • Reduce the associated stress and anxiety associated with the yips

  • Increase your happiness so playing your game becomes fun again

  • See other areas of your life improve as well

EFT is different from the things you have tried before as it works on a physical, emotional and subconscious level to make long term changes. 

All The Tools You Need To Overcome The Yips. Plus  more..

Be honest with yourself.  As well as the impact on your game, how have the yips impacted other areas for your life?  Relationships, friends, family, social life, work, enjoyment of life..

Not only will EFT help you overcome the yips, you will see benefits in other areas of your life too.  It has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and increase happiness.  

Previous clients have described EFT as "life changing".

Working with me to overcome the yips: What you'll get

  • Weekly 6 x1.5 hour consultations. 
  • Zoom or face to face sessions available.
  • Recorded sessions on request.
  • Email and messaging support between sessions.

How To Get started..

Step1: Book a call to discuss your situation and if EFT is a good fit for you.

Step 2: Sign up to your 1:1 EFT Programme 

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Hi, I’m Kate Chesser. A pleasure to meet you.

I know how it feels to be in love with your sport, it coming easily to you only to wake up one day to find you can’t do it like you could anymore.  It’s heartbreaking.  Frustrating. It can take the joy out of life.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.  Given the right solution you can overcome them so you get your sport, your happiness and your life back.

I have a degree in Sport and Psychology, I’m an EFT Practitioner of approximately 10 yeas and I’ve been helping people with their mental game for many years.

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