Overcome the blocks, beliefs and emotions that are preventing you from playing your best.

EFT enables you to play freely and easily, improve your performance and see better results.

Use this evidence based formula to transform your recovery, practice and performance.

Find out how..

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Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete EFT will help you release the blocks holding you back, so you can.. 
Return From Injury

Speed up your recovery and no longer fear re-injury of the part of your body that was injured.

Improve Your Confidence

Let go of past performances that are preventing you from playing your best now. 

Overcome Stress, Anxiety, Doubt and Fear

So it is no longer on your mind when you play. 

Overcome the Yips 


Increase Your Range of Motion

Mechanical changes can often be felt often within minutes of applying EFT.

Retain Composure 

On big points and in big games so you experience more consistency in your performances.

Improve Focus

Let go of distractions and improve your mental discipline during training and performance. 

Learn EFT so you can perform at your highest level.

You know you can perform better than you are and the you have most probably tried things before to varying degrees of success but nothing seems to last for the long term or get you the results that you really want.

With EFT you're able to let go of what is holding you back whether this be on a psychological or physiological level.  When you do this you're able to play freely and easily so you can perform your best. 

What is EFT?

In brief, EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is often called Tapping.  As you focus on an issue you want to address you tap on various points around your face and upper body.  

It is a highly effective stress management tool that has a powerful effect on your mind and body making it an incredible tool for peak performance.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I’m Kate Chesser. A pleasure to meet you.

I know how it feels to be in love with your sport, it coming easily to you and being on top of your game.

Not being able to perform at this level can be frustrating, stressful and even heartbreaking. It can take the joy out of life.

I've been there too so know how this feels. So you spend time, energy and money on training, coaching, practising, changing your technique, buying new equipment but there comes a point where this just doesn't help anymore. In fact it can even add to the feeling of overwhelm and hopelessness as nothing seems to work.  

I'm guessing that if you're here you know what I'm talking about.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  

Given the right solution you can overcome them so you get your sport, your happiness and your life back.

I have a degree in Sport and Psychology, I’m an EFT Practitioner of approximately 10 yeas and I’ve been helping people with their mental game for many years.

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Amy Osterberg

"I worked with Kate earlier this year as I wanted to improve my golf and knew that however much I practiced I needed to work on my mental game too.

Since working with Kate I not only reached the score I wanted quicker than I thought I would, I get less distracted by other players, less frustrated with myself and play with more confidence."


"When I tap before going out onto the the netball court, I am much more composed, play better, and enjoy my game more.  My self belief has increased loads.  I have the rest of the team tapping now before our matches and at the moment are top of the league."


"Won my match 6-0, 6-0.. easily through to the next round 😀"

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