As an experienced, fully qualified Registered Nutritionist (mBANT) and Accredited EFT Practitioner (EFTI)  I can help you improve your physical and mental game using unique nutrition interventions and cutting edge mental game techniques to help you achieve your goals.

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Working With Me

I offer 1:1 Coaching Packages and Online Group Programmes


3 Month Transformational Health Programme based on cutting edge testing and utilising scientifically proven modalities. 

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Ditch the Diet

Weight management 7 Week Online Course to re-programmme your subconscious mind to help put an end to yoyo dieting.

Peak Performance

1:1 Highly effective mental game training for ambitious, driven athletes, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their game to the next level.


Plays a crucial role in our  health, but it can be confusing as to what to eat.  Start the day with these gluten free, dairy free and no added sugar breakfast recipes.

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Immune Support

Autoimmune condition? Brain fog? Anxiety? Digestive issues? 
4 steps you can start taking now reclaim your health.

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Stress Management

Possibly the most important factor in good health.  You can drink as many green smoothies as you like but if you're stressed it won't matter.  

Proven Stress Management Technique


It's not just about what you put in your body, it's about what you put on your body too. 

Discover the multi award-winning range of skincare and beauty products, freshly made in the UK using the most innovative, effective ingredients that nature has to offer.

For every purchase bought via my shop I shall send you a collection of plant based recipes to nourish your skin.

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"I’ve been working with Kate on my inner wealth and deserving issues and I find it is always a deeply eye-opening experience that takes me further into the parts of me that are wounded and protecting me from getting hurt. The very parts that are stopping me from growing my business. The work Kate does is truly transformational and even in the depth of my own ‘stuff’ I feel held and safe in Kate’s hands. If you’re sick of earning a pittance and you want to finally understand WHY so you can do something about it, then do yourself a favour and see Kate! "

Dee Murray

"Every time I have a session, I get a new lease of life and feel very motivated. This motivation is what I need to really get stuff happening. Since working with Kate, I have gone on to deliver a workshop in Lisbon which was covered by Portuguese National (TV) News. I wasn’t even that nervous when I got up to deliver the workshop because it was so aligned with my values and beliefs. I think this is one of the ‘keys’ going forward. When I am the real ‘me’ doing things that I truly believe in, the social anxiety goes away. "

Gemma Smith
Nutritional Therapist

""I can't tell you how amazing this... is!! I'm sooo grateful to you.""

Sophie Ash
Nutritional Therapist -

"Thank you for your support with the EFT. I got the job and actually enjoyed the interview! I'm amazed at how calm I felt beforehand, obviously I was tapping just before I went in. Thanks again x"

School Teacher

"I felt comfortable within 2 minutes of being in Kate’s company, I had no idea what to expect but I was open minded about it and knew “normal” counselling didn’t work for me and that within one month I was a completely different person and saw things completely differently."

Chloe Chamberlain

"Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant nutrition session today with Kate! Great advice on supplements and quick easy food fixes to help my wellbeing. Highly recommend!"

Kim Heron