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It is my mission to help you eat delicious, clean, real food so you can live your happiest and healthiest life.

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Hello.. Great to see you here! 

This is the home of Radiant Health where we are all about helping you:

  • Get Healthy
  • Eat Real Food
  • Feel Good

If you want to lose weight, improve your digestion, have more energy or just feel happier about yourself you are in the right place.  I have been helping men and women do just this for many years now.

When you’re eating real, delicious, clean food you can literally transform not just your health but your life too. 

  • What would you do if you had more energy? 
  • If your body hurt less?
  • You could concentrate and focus for longer?
  • Felt more comfortable in your clothes? 
  • Didn’t feel compelled to eat the food you know doesn’t make you feel good but somehow you can’t stop? 

This is all possible for you.. despite how it seems right now!

""I can't tell you how amazing this... is!! I'm sooo grateful to you.""

Sophie Ash
Nutritional Therapist - www.onyourplate.ca

"Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant nutrition session today with Kate! Great advice on supplements and quick easy food fixes to help my wellbeing. Highly recommend!"

Kim Heron

"It did feel a bit silly tapping on points on my body describing how Diet Coke tasted, made me feel and even referring to other experiences in my life but Kate reassured me and it was quite therapeutic. After 1 session of tapping on my terrible habit of drinking far too much Diet Coke I can say that I hardly crave it as much as I used to and my go to drink is now lemon and lime water. "

Jamie Farrow

"“Well!!!!! I lost weight inches, was less bloated and inspired others to make changes too, including my boyfriend.”"


"Joining Kate's Radiant Health group has been fabulous. She goes above and beyond offering the greatest of support with her knowledge of nutrition, delicious recipes and EFT tapping. Her adaptive and flexible approach meant that you feel like all your questions, however big or small are answered and supported with additional resources as needed. Being part of the group has been such a supportive and empowering experience. I've met some other great people also on a journey and it has been great to have their support too, as well as group accountability, we were in it together and together we have achieved results, despite us all having our own personal goals. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this group to anyone who is looking to make a positive healthy change in their lives."


"Having recently completed the 14 day detox with Kate and a group of friends, I can honestly say I am a changed woman. The benefits are truly amazing and the 14 days just flew by because of all the support and inspiration from Kate and the girls. The benefits I found were; less bloating, inch loss around the waste, clearer skin and much improved bowel habits. The energy levels were increased so much that I almost felt like my old self again. The recipes are so easy to follow and I’ve educated myself to look after my body with the respect it deserves. Some of the changes from the detox I am maintaining such as, caffeine, dairy and mostly gluten. Thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants their zest for life back! Thank you Kate "

Jenny Sepede
Business Owner

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