EFT/Tapping support during Covid-19 pandemic.

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Group Tapping Sessions

These groups have been incredibly helpful for those who regularly attend.  We have tapped on issues including lockdown burnout, anxiety, not seeing family, starting a relationship, money worries and staying healthy.  They provide a supportive environment for you to offload your thoughts and feelings whilst providing a really effective way of moving on from them so you feel better, stronger and more resilient.

Sunday Mornings 10.00

Wednesday Mornings 17.30

Get in touch to find out more [email protected]

Feeling anxious and worried in the current situation?  Let's change that shall we...

The fundamentals of our life have been turned upside down: our health, our income, our homes, our food supply, not being able to see the people we love.. and we don't know how long it will be like this for.  So it is crucial we look after ourselves in terms of our mental and physical health.

EFT (sometimes known as tapping) is perfect for improving both these areas of our health.  It helps to significantly reduce our stress and anxiety levels and so doing we are boosting our immune system. It is an incredibly powerful technique that can have a life changing impact.

I urge you to try these EFT videos below so you can experience the benefit of tapping yourself.  You don't need to have any prior experience of it.. you just follow along.


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Personal consultations are best for achieving optimal results with tapping as you get to address your specific concerns.  Please get in touch to find out more about 1:1 EFT/Tapping Consultations and how they may help you.  

Currently all sessions are carried out over Zoom

[email protected]

07974 722 540