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3 Step Process...


Empower yourself with functional testing and a genetically guided plan so you can start taking informed steps to better health.

  • DNA Testing which nutrients are supporting your health and which are detrimental
  • Gut Testing UK's most advanced gut test to help guide which foods and supplements suit you best.  
  • Detailed Health Questionnaire In-depth understanding of your current health picture and your goals.
Step 1


Based on your test results and goals start building the foundations for optimal health with your personalised health plan.  

  • Personalised Nutrition Protocol based on your health, test results and goals.
  • Personalised Supplements Do you need extra support with Probiotics?  Vitamin D? Test, don't guess so you know you aren't wasting your money and time.
  • Wellbeing Start re-programming your subconscious for good health and happiness.


Looking after your emotional and mental wellbeing is possibly the most important aspect of your transformation.

You can eat as much kale and drink as much water as you like but if you're stressed or not happy your subconscious will sabotage your progress and you will never reach your goals or you may get there but  very slowly. 

  • Powerful techniques to ensure long lasting behaviour change.
  • Proven to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Put an end to the yoyo dieting, starting something and not completing, feeling overwhelmed and disheartened by it all.
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What others have said...


Kate is a breath of fresh air, she was so good at listening to my concerns and anxieties about really having no idea what could help and having never supplemented before. She answered all my questions…and there were a lot!!... Mentally I feel so much more positive as I am sure now that I am on the right track to helping myself get better and feel stronger and physically that its already happening.


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