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What cravings really reveal about your health

May 03, 2022


Is it all in your head or is your body trying to tell you something?.

Food is so much more than just calories.  It’s information.  The body is constantly sending you signs and signals about the information (or nutrients) it needs to function at its best. 

The trouble is, when you fall into unhealthy patterns, you unwittingly train your brain and body to think and crave certain foods.  Often these foods give you a quick fix. You feel great for 30 minutes, yet an hour later your energy levels are on the floor and you need another hit to keep you going. Sound familiar?


One of the most common and documented cravings is, of course, sugar.  In recent years, articles in the press have suggested sugar is as addictive as class A drugs.  How true is that really?

You’ll be glad to know there is more to it than meets the eye. 

The brain needs glucose to function – sugar, which comes from carbohydrates.  When...

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Tapping to Lower Exam Nerves

Apr 10, 2022

Feeling nervous, tired and a bit too many exam vibes going on?

Tap along with this video to lower your anxiety and increase you confidence in your upcoming GCSE's, A'levels or IB.  

EFT has been shown anecdotally and in clinical trials to significantly lower cortisol levels.  Just what you need to prepare for your upcoming exams.


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Tapping to Overcome Exam Stress

Apr 10, 2022

Got a lot of exams coming up?

Whether it's GCSE's, A'levels or IB in this case, the stress of having lots of exams can be overwhelming.  I created this video for a student who had 4 exams the following day and was particularly worried abut Chinese and Literature GCSE's.

She not only did brilliantly, Chinese was her highest grade which was totally unexpected. 

You can tap along and just insert which exam you are doing instead of Chinese. 

It's a massive form of stress relief which is just what you need when it comes to exams.  A certain amount of stress will increase your concentration, improve reaction time and decision making speed and help you write continuously for the duration of the exam.

When you feel too much stress though it has a detrimental effect on your exam performance.  Your fight or flight response kicks in and blood flow is redirected from your brain, digestive system and hormonal system as it is literally preparing you for...

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How does Tapping help weight loss?

Mar 29, 2022

When it comes to losing weight it is often cravings or the intense desire for a particular food that causes an issue for us.

Let's be honest here, it's the cakes, biscuits and chocolate that are often the problem!

It is really can be hard to resist them even though we know it isn't helping us but we can't stop ourselves.

Tapping works on reducing this desire.

It's not about restricting what we eat or taking away foods that we love. It's about empowering ourselves with the ability to choose whether we eat something or not.

Functional MRI scans have shown that for some of us, when we see chocolate, cakes or biscuits our amygdala (part of our brain involved in our reward and pleasure pathway) lights up even as we just imagine it.

This can initiate our digestive reflex. Maybe our mouth starts to water and we feel a bit excited as we look at it and anticipate eating it. This can make it really hard to resist!

The same scans show that after tapping the amygdala doesn't get activated in the...

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Tapping to reduce exam anxiety

Feb 23, 2022

So you've got an exam coming up and you're starting to feel a bit anxious!  (Tapping starts at 2mins 20 secs)

Perhaps your heart is beating faster, your neck and shoulders are tense, your tummy has butterflies in it.. all typical fight or flight responses to stress.  got you covered.  Watch the video and tap along so your stress is reduced and your brain can work optimally!

When we're feeling stressed like this, our fight or flight response kicks in and it really isn't conducive to concentrating and optimal cognitive function as all our blood is being pumped extra hard to our arms and legs to get ready to run!  In doing this, it's taken away from our frontal cortex in our brain which is the last thing we want at this critical hour.  

A certain amount of excitement is great. We want some heightened awareness, to be able to focus and not get distracted, write faster, efficient decision making.. all the things to get us through the exam and make the most...

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Tapping to reduce anxiety around Storm Eunice

Feb 18, 2022

So I don't know about you but these kind of storms can make me very anxious.  Not just the high wind and red weather warning but the bigger picture.. what does this mean in terms of Global Warming? 

It's not just something that's going to happen it's the reality  we're experiencing the effects of it now.

If you would like to lower your anxiety around this, tap along with the audio.  Tapping starts at 1 minute 24 seconds if you want to forward wind.

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Personalised Nutrition and Fitness

Feb 08, 2022

Want to take the guess work out of ‘eating healthily?’

Ever felt like you’re eating all the right things, exercising well, really taking care of yourself but still not making progress on your health goals?

Part of the issue maybe down to your genes.  We’re all different so what suits one person might not suit the next which can be incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to improve your health and seeing it work for others but not yourself.

DNA testing is a fantastic way to get to solve this problem.  This informed knowledge can take the frustration out of weight management, the overwhelm of which diet to follow, and even knowing what kind of exercise to do that will help you.

With a Nutrient and Fitness DNA test you can test to find out;

How well you metabolise fats, protein and carbohydrates. 

Which vitamins and minerals your body needs extra support with.

Are you gluten or lactose intolerant?

Does your body detoxify well or does...

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Tapping to reduce chocolate cravings

Feb 02, 2022

Want to cut down on or stop eating chocolate?

When I was making changes to my diet to improve my health I knew I needed to cut out dairy. Despite knowing the relationship between MS progression and dairy, avoiding chocolate was one of the hardest things for me to stop eating. OMG that delicious smooth chocolatey taste was way too hard to resist!

Nowadays there are all sorts of alternatives and a lot more dark chocolate options available but back in the day there wasn’t the choice there is now. Or maybe I just didn’t know about them

Anyway, if you would like to learn a surprisingly simple way to cut down on the amount of chocolate you’re eating, play the video below and take the first steps. Ideally you'll need a pen and paper and the chocolate you like to stop craving.  

No willpower needed!

Do let me know how you get on or if you have any questions! 

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Great News for Functional Medicine!

Nov 12, 2019

This paper concluded that the functional medicine model is associated with improved health related quality of life.. both physically and mentally. Suggesting that following this model could in fact improve chronic disease management.

As someone diagnosed with MS this is very exciting!  Perhaps your diagnosis was different, but my neurologist didn't paint a particularly rosy picture for my future so I have been desperate to find another way ever since.  

Making nutrition and lifestyle changes isn't always easy though.  You come up against all sorts of obstacles from a personal point of view ie 'is this even worth it?'  'Will this even work for me?'  'I can't make those changes, it's too hard.' 'What do you mean I shouldn't eat cheese and bread anymore?' 

Not to mention resistance from family and friends who only want the best for you but don't necessarily understand what you're doing so are constantly tempting...

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An introduction to EFT and what it's all about...

Sep 12, 2018

A young lady comes into my practice for a course of sessions reporting that she is having at least 2 panic attacks a week, is feeling constantly angry and often can't eat as she feels so sick.  

After 4 sessions she reports she is no longer feeling sick, she hasn’t had a panic attack and is happy, excited and energised about life.

This is just one example of what EFT is capable of.

What is EFT and How Did This Transformation Happen?

EFT is a gentle and effective tool that helps to overcome fears, panic, anxiety, pain, traumatic events and upset.  For some, issues are resolved very quickly in a couple of sessions, for other people a course of sessions are needed to unravel past events, core beliefs and long held attitutdes that are contributing to their current situation.

Even in cases of extreme severe trauma, which may take years to address satisfactorily, the treatment length is significantly quicker compared to ‘talking therapy'.  So much so...

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