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I'm speaking from experience when I say I know how it feels to want to change how you eat as you know you'll look and feel better.. but somehow you can't. I had that feeling of guilt and disappointment, but still not being able to stop putting that food in my mouth!  Then not wanting to be in photos or meet people because I felt so self conscious about how I looked.  The unhappiness was really hard to overcome as its a cycle that can be so hard to break. 

When I eventually managed it (after many many attempts) my happiness increased, I felt empowered, more confident, didn't care about the photos or how I looked.  I was able to get on with my life and do the things that were important to me.. 

Imagine you could break the cycle.  What would that mean to you?

The Radiant Health Hub is all about helping you break the cycle, enjoy eating delicious food, achieve your goals and generally just feel happier.

Lina Christodolou http://christoprint.co.uk/

Kate was really nice to work with and did not make me feel guilty about the bad habits I had got into.

The tapping techniques worked really well and Kate made me feel motivated to change my eating and to start doing my exercise again instead of making excuses of why not to do them.

When I mention a problem I had with my sleeping, Kate was more then happy to show me a tapping technique to help me and even made a video to play at night when I needed it.

The course was both informative and helpful and also it was always fun and the time spent flew past.

I would recommend Kate to anyone who wanted to change their bad eating habits and to get into a better routine.

Thank you Kate for all your help over the last 6 weeks

Jamie Farrow


I had a tapping session with Kate a few weeks back, and I must say that I was definitely sceptical whether or not tapping would actually work for me, and it absolutely did! Kate was thorough in explaining what tapping is and how it works, making it interesting and easy to understand. It did feel a bit silly tapping on points of my body, describing how Diet Coke tasted, made me feel and even referring it to other experiences in my life but Kate reassured me and it was quite therapeutic. After one session of tapping on my terrible habit of drinking far too much Diet Coke, I can say that I hardly crave it as much as I used to and my go to drink is now Lemon and Lime water! If anyone else is sceptical like I was before trying it out, give it a go! So thank you Kate, I would not hesitate in recommending you to others who may need your assistance.


Initially I was sceptical about holistic treatment, but Kate was very accommodating of my feelings and really made me feel at ease about how I felt. We even used my scepticism as part of the session and tapped on the fact I felt ridiculous. I must say, the immediate relief I felt really amazed me. I managed to overcome a particular fear I had. I have even since then used some of the techniques she taught me to deal with anxieties of going back to face-to-face meetings we clients. I just wanted to use this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Kate and to say that I don't hesitate to recommend has services to people I know who are dealing with similar situations. 


Before working with Kate I was struggling with a diagnosis of Avascular necrosis so I was advised by my consultant to supplement my diet to help the bone to recover…I had no idea what that meant!

Kate is a breath of fresh air, she was so good at listening to my concerns and anxieties about really having no idea what could help and having never supplemented before. She answered all my questions…and there were a lot!!…she is so knowledgeable and succinct with her answers so the information is not overwhelming. I found the entire process so positive and informative, I came away from my session fully sure that I was now armed with the important information I needed to help my recovery. I’m just not sure where else I would have found out all the information I needed.

Mentally I feel so much more positive as I am sure now that I am on the right track to helping myself get better and feel stronger and physically that its already happening.

It is truly invaluable advise and I would very highly recommend Kate.

Clare Grierson - www.muddymutleys.com

"I have spoken to Kate a lot over the past few weeks and I have found her to be a lovely, genuine, soothing person, just her voice gives you a sense of calm. 

Kate’s course is designed to help us to literally, tap into that part of the brain and release tension and long held beliefs that hold us back.

Not only that but she has also helped me to be more mindful about what I put in my mouth… My fridge is stocked with much healthier foods, due to her supplying me with a lovely range of recipes."


Overcome the urge to eat food that sabotages your health, keeps you stuck and wishing you hadn't just eaten it.

Increase your desire to eat the food that makes you feel happy, healthy and energised.

Overcome the stress, anxiety and overwhelm associated with wanting to eat healthily.

Step by step subconscious reprogramming to feel healthier, happier and more energised... 

Powerful, long lasting change

You'll learn how to use EFT so you can benefit from these changes.  I know of no other programme where you'll experience such long lasting benefits.

Initial 1:1 Consultation

Take the overwhelm out of knowing which diet suits you best with a 1:1 Health Coaching session to help you start in the right direction. Plus, recipes and shopping lists provided to help you reach your goals.

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